Our mission

To help you merge your innate creativity with a practice in mindfulness.

Connect with yourself and others.

Reflect on where you are in the present moment.

Create to your fullest potential by awakening your inner creative spirit .

We use a variety of techniques including guided meditations, journaling, and playful creative prompts to help you develop your own creative mindfulness practice.

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What We Offer 

Women's Circles

Our women’s circles meet each month for a short pause in our busy lives to connect, reflect, and create. Each 2 hour meeting will follow a similar format and will focus on a specific topic for the month. $10 reserves your spot!


 Our retreats combine art, journaling, movement, meditation, & circle discussions that help you to connect, reflect, and create.

RestoreME is a spring weekend retreat that celebrates all we are as women.

SereniME is a fall retreat that gifts you with some time to celebrate you!


Our workshops will focus on a specific topic or skill and will be taught by an experienced instructor. These co-ed workshops are open to anyone!  Workshops are generally 3 hours long.

We also offer private group workshops!

Free Resources

We offer a variety of Free Resources that you can use in your own time and way to enhance your personal creative mindfulness practice.

Online Classes

Coming Soon!

We are busy developing virtual classes and workshops. These online programs will offer a variety of topics all geared to furthering your creative mindfulness practice. They will be self paced and accessible to anyone.

Private Coaching Session

Are you interested in setting up a private coaching session or series with one of us? Send us a message and we will set up a program based on your needs!



From Our Community

“An open group of nonjudgmental women sharing a passion for creativity and mindfulness! Love this group!”
Catherine Watrous Burkhart

“This is a great space to feel completely accepted no matter what – able to express yourself creatively in whatever way you can, and to take pause in life to reconnect with your inner self. It’s a great group of women, and Dorothy and Jen are wonderful leaders and women.” ♥️
Lauren Steier

“A beautiful supportive group of women devoted to self care and creative expression.”
Theresa Bridges