“We teach mindfulness techniques through creative exploration & play to help you feel more connected to your authentic self, bringing more joy into your life. “

Our mission

It is our mission to help you create your own path to self-discovery. We combine simple routines of awareness, imagination, and play to help guide you. We teach you how to explore creativity and intention in your everyday life through a variety of techniques that are simple, fun, flexible, and obtainable. We will help you to:

Connect with yourself and others.

Reflect on where you are in the present moment.

Create with intentional activity.

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What We Offer 


Our twice yearly retreats offer a weekend intensive focused on celebrating all that makes you ,YOU! We combine art, journaling, movement, meditation, & circle discussions that help you to connect, reflect, and create.

RestoreME is our spring retreat that celebrates all we are as women.

SereniME is our fall retreat that gifts you with some time to celebrate you!

Women's Circles

Our women’s circles offer a monthly pause in our busy lives to connect, reflect, and create. Circles are divided into 3 month sessions which focus on a key area of personal development. This supportive group moves together through the topic discussions, reflections, meditations, and creative prompts to bring us a better understanding of who we are in this present moment.


Our co-ed workshops are open to anyone. They focus more on the playful side of life with fun open-ended creative based sessions that invite you and your friends to cut loose and express your inner creative spirit through play! They are designed to meet everyone where they are. There is  no need to be an artist or to even consider yourself creative! Our workshops are designed to be social events and are often held at local breweries, parks, or other community spaces. 

Personal Coaching

We are adapting our signature program to help you go deeper into your path to self-discovery with 1:1 private coaching sessions tailored to meet you exactly where you are! We will work together to create your goals, work through mindset blocks, and assess your progress along the way with accountability check ins. It is our goal to help you connect more deeply with your authentic self and to create a life you love! 

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Private Group Sessions

All workshops and circles can be adapted to meet the needs of your own private group whether it is for a team building experience at your office or a private party for you and your friends!

We are also available to bring our services to your retreats and gatherings by providing you with a workshop designed to fit with your existing program.

Free Resources

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From Our Community

“An open group of nonjudgmental women sharing a passion for creativity and mindfulness! Love this group!”
Catherine Watrous Burkhart

“This is a great space to feel completely accepted no matter what – able to express yourself creatively in whatever way you can, and to take pause in life to reconnect with your inner self. It’s a great group of women, and Dorothy and Jen are wonderful leaders and women.” ♥️
Lauren Steier

“A beautiful supportive group of women devoted to self care and creative expression.”
Theresa Bridges