Maker’s Summit

This year Creating Mindfulness attended the 2019 Maker’s Summit in Knoxville, TN. I have personally attended 3 other summits, but this was the first one I attended as a representative of Creating Mindfulness. This was also the first one that I really felt like resonated with me. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed each of the others, but I did not really feel that they spoke to where I was. Maker’s Summit 2019 was different however. This one seemed to be just what I needed to feel more energized and excited about where I am and the possibilities with Creating Mindfulness.

Dorothy and I have been working on CM for a couple of years now and we are at a stage where we really want to grow the business, but it can be incredibly overwhelming. Where do we even start?

Rewind a bit…

Prior to the Maker’s summit I had a few hours at home alone. It is a rare occurrence. My family was all camping so I spent the morning reflecting, meditating, and listening to a podcast about how to improve my quality of life. In my morning reflection I wrote down the following affirmation:

“I have plenty of time to do all the things I choose to do.”

Shunta Grant

Once I arrived at the Maker’s summit the Keynote speaker, Shunta Grant was one of the first presenters to speak.  Shunta is a Coach and Host of the “Business, Life, & Joy” Podcast, and she is also the owner of Because of Zoe hair bows. She spoke about harmony between life and work.  Shunta said that she refused to use the word “Busy.” She has taken that word out of her vocabulary!!! Why? Well because it is an excuse. It is a non answer. It is a refusal to take the initiative in your own life. Shunta said next time you feel like answering the question, “How are you?” with “Busy,” that you instead pause and answer more truthfully. “I am too lazy to STOP and slow down” or  “I have not set clear boundaries and priorities.”

Ummmm, hello! This is me!!!!

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed. In truth we are all busy. We have jobs, and families, and friends, hobbies, and dreams that all pull us in different directions. They divide our attention and spread us very thin. There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish all that you hope.
For me I want and need to spend time with my family, work on my house, and work a 40 hour a week job to make ends meet. I also, however have some personal goals. Big ones for me are, I want to write and publish a children’s book, create art, meditate, and build Creating Mindfulness into a viable business. This is a lot! I often feel “Busy.” In truth however I tend to allow my overwhelm to take over. I bog down and create blocks. “I am too lazy to STOP and slow down!”
This is nothing new to me. It is a problem I have dealt with before and will likely deal with again. It is something that from time to time I have to take the time to slow down and set my priorities and the boundaries needed to reach my personal goals.

Dealing with that time shortage

One way I like to go about doing this is to spend a week or two tracking my time in my planner. For a couple of weeks I will write down all the things I do from the time I wake up until bedtime. Any space not filled in with a must do task is highlighted. The highlighted time is mine. This is the time I choose. Now when I am not paying attention, this time tends to fill up with TV or social media… It gets wasted. When I see it laid out in front of me, highlighted in bright pink, it becomes more clear how much time I really have. Once I see my time laid out I can set priorities for it.
A 10-15 min. meditation can fit into a morning between waking up and getting dressed for the day. The hour between getting home from work and preparing dinner could be used to make some art in my journal, or reading a chapter of a book. The couple of hours after dinner and before bed can be better spent working on my book, or on Creating Mindfulness blog posts.  😉  Weekends tend to have even more flex time…even if a lot of that time is spent waiting on kids in the car, lol!
Try it for a couple of weeks, you owe it to yourself to make YOU more of a priority!
I am currently using the Law of Attraction Planner, but there are tons of great planners out there. You can also create your own DIY planner!
All in all the 2019 Maker’s Summit in Knoxville TN was a great event for me this year. There were many of other highlights, tips, and inspirations that came from the event. I left the event with tons to think about as far as CM is concerned. The summit was filled amazing speakers and creative minds who had lots to offer, but for me Shante Grant’s presentation was my biggest Ah Ha! Moment. It was exactly what I needed to hear, just when I was ready to hear it.