One of my goals this year is to make more art, so with that in mind I have come up with 12 art prompts that I hope to explore this year. These prompts are more about exploration and creative play than about a finished piece of art. For me my creative practice goes hand in hand with my mindfulness practice. I hope to use each of these prompts as an opportunity to pause, reflect, and connect with my self as I create. I would love to invite you to join me throughout this process and if you choose to do so please consider posting your creations on our Facebook page each month. I will attempt to post mine each month as well. I will try to post mine near the end of the month, as I hope to use the prompts for several explorations in different mediums. Feel free to post yours whenever you wish! There are no rules and there is no wrong way to do this. Simply take a moment to pause and reflect on your own connection to each prompt. What stands out for you? Remember to breathe as you create and allow yourself to become immersed in your own innate creativity. You might also wish to take a moment to reflect about your sessions in your journal.