I have to say I am having a great time with these creative prompts so far!! Todays Art Journal Prompt: Pattern The last prompt was all about color and I really enjoyed thinking about color and my relationship with color. You can check out that post HERE.

Art Journal Prompt prompt: Patterns

  • Pattern– (n) A repeated decorative design.
  • Behavior Pattern– (n) a recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation.
So as I began thinking about pattern I began thinking about how and where I have used pattern in my past creative efforts? I also really enjoyed thinking about the patterns I am visually drawn to in general. So, what is my relationship with pattern? What are some of the patterns prevalent in my life…good and bad? Can I begin to identify my personal patterns?

Visually I am drawn to art deco and art nouveau patterns I love all things vintage and patterns from these movements really capture my imagination.

Patterns in Art

The stylized, clean, geometric shapes and lines characteristic of art deco are exciting and energetic. They are so ornate and stylish. I can imagine myself in a gorgeous 1920s gown dancing the night away in a spectacularly ornate nightclub! When I look at art nouveau patterns I feel feminine, the details are soft and whimsical, so romantic!

Throughout the years I have borrowed from these patterns in my own art. I really enjoy playing with these types of patterns, though sometimes I end up frustrated with my efforts, haha. One of my personal behavior patterns is that I tend to get bored easily. These intricate types of patterns take some attention to detail that I do not always have the attention span to see through! hence the frustration…

Naturally occurring patterns also capture my imagination. These types of patterns allow me to feel more connected to this planet and more in tune with the universe. I really love to photograph these types of patterns when I am out and about. Mind you I do not consider myself a photographer, and I know virtually nothing about the technical aspects of photography, but like many people I do have a cell phone and I enjoy capturing these little details.

For the art aspect of this prompt I spent some time thinking about what types of patters inspire my work. I spent some time looking back through some of my past art journals to see some of the pattern work I have done in the past. This month, I had a lot of trouble deciding on what I wanted to create with this pattern prompt. Ultimately I ended up just playing a bit on some old watercolor backgrounds that I found in my art journals.

In recent years I have really come to enjoy creating patterns using line or simple shapes such as circles. I have found that working with these types of simple patterns in my art to be very therapeutic to me. These types of drawings have been a huge part of my personal mindfulness practice. In fact they are what brought my attention to mindfulness in the first place, and half of the inspiration behind Creating Mindfulness!

My Path

My path to this discovery began when I still owned and operated The Basement Community Art Studio. We began offering classes from a local Zentangle instructor which introduced me to the zen like aspect of pattern drawing. We also began hosting art and yoga classes which combined a yoga class and an art workshop built on the same theme. These classes were fun and relaxing! Next I partnered up with my mother to host creative self-care classes which paired mindfulness meditation, led by my mother with an art prompt led by me. This was my official introduction to meditation. I loved how the two seemed to compliment each other so nicely. I began researching the idea of art as a form of meditation and found a few great resources online that I really looked to for inspiration, Mindful Art Studio and Art of Mindfulness. Both of these resources are wonderful and still inspire my work today! It is around this time that Dorothy came into my life. She just walked through the door one day and as we talked it became clear that we were destined to work together! Soon after that she paired up with my mom and myself to host what became our first One Day Retreat! That was the birth of Creating Mindfulness, and we have not looked back!

Personal Patterns

We all have patterns that occur in our lives, little habits that we play out over and over again… I think about this a lot especially this time of year when the year is fresh and new. Where do I want to place my focus? What patterns do I wish to break? What ones do I wish to encourage? Mind you, not all patterns are bad, but those are the ones that grab us…are they not? So here I am staring at my vision board and reflecting on this idea of personal patterns. A big one for me this year is to focus on letting go a little bit. I tend to be a highly controlled person. It often feels necessary to plan everything down to the last detail, I am almost always 30 min early everywhere I go! I hold tight to my comfort zone for fear of losing that control and looking foolish. It is a huge goal of mine to begin to move beyond this pattern in some aspects of my life. Don’t get me wrong, some control is good. Planning and organizing is a great thing as long as you can leave the anxiety behind. So there is my focus this year, learning to accept the parts of this internal pattern that serve me whilst releasing the parts that hold me back. For me this will require being more gentle with myself and others, allowing myself to move beyond my comfort zone, and of course practicing more mindfulness!

So, what are the patterns of your life? What patterns attract you? What patterns do you wish to release? Feel free to comment here or post your pattern related artwork on our Facebook page. You can also tag us on Instagram @creating_Mindfulness or use the hashtag #CM2020pattern or #CM2020artprompts. I look forward to hearing from you!