Art Journal Prompt: Texture


1. the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.
2. the distinctive character or quality of something: the texture of life in America.


As an artist you learn about the elements of art in your studies. Texture is one of those elements. So as I began to look into this month’s art prompt, it was a natural starting place. In visual arts texture is the perceived surface quality of the piece of art. It is an impression of tactile texture. So naturally this is the place I would start when looking at an art journal prompt,: Texture. However, as I began to think abut this month’s prompt I became curious about what texture means in my life. I began thinking about the texture of emotions. This is perhaps a bit more abstract subject, however, I am very interested in how and where art and mindfulness intersect.


Emotional Texture

“What would happen if, rather than viewing our emotional experiences as an indication of who we are, we considered our emotional experiences as simply contributing an essential texture to our life? Texture offers versatility (or consistency) to our sensory experiences through art, design, food, sound, etc. In the same way sensory texture provides depth, dimension, novelty and interest, emotional texture may offer deeper meaning, greater capacity, unique opportunities and create a sense of intrigue and mystery.”

Begin to notice your feelings from a place of non-judgement. We all experience a wide variety of feelings throughout our lives, day in and day out. Perhaps begin to look at these feelings as experiences that layer all together bringing richness and variety to your life. Maybe begin to think about how these emotions relate to various textures, for example when I imagine the texture of a soft pair of woolly socks I feel comforted and cozy.

This is a great journal prompt!
Try this exercise:

  1. List as many textures as you can think of (soft, rough, prickly, fluffy…)
  2. Now list as many emotions as you can think of (depression, anxiety, joy, excitement…)
  3. Now begin to create associations between your two lists (What does anxiety feel like? Joy?…)
I have enjoyed thinking about texture in my life, the textures I am drawn to…the ones I shy away from. For me this has been an great prompt for combining mindfulness with creativity. I hope you have enjoyed it too! Feel free to leave a comment on the post or on our Facebook page. I would love to see your visual representations of texture as well!
This month I had fun playing with creating texture in my paint.  I used Soft Body Acrylic paints from Liquitex.


To see posts from previous month’s prompts check out  Color and Pattern. As always I would love for you to join me in these monthly creative prompts. It is never too late to start! If you post to Instagram tag us creating_mindfulness!