Create your Own Magic. 

First you must realize, you are magic. To truly believe that Magic is out there, you must first recognize that magic is in everything we do. Even when we are not feeling our best, even when it feels the world is on fire, this IS Magic. Magic can come from anywhere at any time, as long as you believe. As long as you wish to see it.

How do you see magic?

We do this by practicing being in this moment. Right now. There is nothing more Magic, then our Breath. There is nothing more real than this moment right now. Start by taking an inhale, filling up your lungs slowly and then letting it out of your mouth with an AHHH. If it feels good, do it again.

Now take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What do you consider magic?
  2. When have you experienced Magic in your life?
  3. Where in your life could you invite some magic?

Magic is all about mindset and intention paired with action. Focus your attention and energy on your desired intent. Take a moment to sit with and feel your own energy, pulsing through your body. Focus your attention on your hands for a moment and feel the tingling in your fingers. That is your energy. Allow your energy and intention to inspire your actions, magic.

Creative Prompts to Embrace Your Magic

Here are a couple of activities to help you connect with your own magic.

Create a personal constellation

All you need to do this exercise is a pen/pencil and some paper. Of course you can always add a dash of color if you wish. Be as creative as you want with this one.

Start by taking a moment to set your intention, affirmation, or simply a few words describing the goal you have for yourself…whatever it might be. Next draw a few stars on your paper perhaps in a shape that represents your intention. Now connect your stars with lines to form your constellation. Magic!

“Magic Spell” Bag

You can create your own magic spell bag by gathering some items that represent your intention and placing them in a bag. You can use any sort of container really, a small coin purse, old sock, tin box, mason jar…

My intention was self love and compassion. This bag contains my personal constellation, dried rose petals, a few drops of essential oil, and a small piece of rose quartz.

Your personal constellation is a great thing to place in your bag. Other items could include a small charm or piece of jewelry, coins, stamps, trinkets, stones or shells… anything really as long as it reminds you of your set intention. Place your spell bag somewhere where you see it on a regular basis. Having a visual reminder of your intentions keeps it in your conscious and subconscious mind where the magic takes place!

Potions Class

Create your own “potions” to bring your personal magic to life. You can create potions in any number of ways from teas, to essential oil blends, potpourri to bath products. Here are a couple of fun ideas I enjoy:

1. Sugar Scrubs- These little bath products are inexpensive, luxurious, and fun to create. All you need is some sugar, carrier oil, essential oils of your choosing, and some sort of jar to store it in. I like to pick scents that embody my intentions. Here is a PDF I created with the recipe I used as well as some of my go to essential oils and their common associations. Sugar Scrub _Potion_ (1) (2)

2. Write your own potion. This exercise is a bit more abstract as you are not actually mixing any real ingredients,  but it also means that the ingredients do not need to be real or tangible! Have fun with this one. It is a great addition to your art journal!

If you want to “mix your potion up” try making a photo collage or a drawing representing your chosen ingredients.

Always Remember

This feeling that strengthens you,  your confidence to lead each moment with a breath of power. Each breath is your spell, your prayer, and your ability to evoke all the powers that be.