In life we tend to be go, go, go. We end up feeling distracted, overwhelmed, and disconnected which can lead to burnout and eventually threaten our mental wellbeing. Let’s take time to slow down and enjoy life more.

2020 forced many of us to slow down, changing our lifestyles drastically overnight and halting our normal routines . Others of us where plied with even more responsibilities and more go! All of us had our lives turned upside down and filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Slowing down, embracing the rest weather forced on us or by circumstance or weather it is something we have to fight for, is essential to our own wellbeing. It can help us to enjoy life more fully.

Slow Drawing Lines and Circles

Slow Drawing Lines and Circles

So why is it so necessary to rest or slow down?

  1. Slowing down and resting is important to our overall productivity. It renews us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There is restorative power in “just being.”
  2. Slowing down allows us to be more mindful and present in the journey that is our life, the process of what we are doing. We become more present in our own lives.
  3. Slowing down allows us time for reflection and can bring more clarity to our thoughts. Clarity leads to better decision making.
  4. Slowing down values our own time and our time with others more. We are better able to be attentive in our relationships. 
Bird Poop Heart

Stop and notice: Bird Poop Heart, found on a slow walk.

Tips For Slowing Down

Slowing down does not always come easy. Many of us feel restless and unable to slow down. We may even feel guilty for taking this time for ourselves. Slowing down is a learned behavior; it is a practice we must cultivate. Start with small changes.

  1. Wake up slowly, take time to stretch and breathe before jumping into your day.
  2. When driving or waiting in line take the time to listen to the silence instead of allowing yourself to jump on a call or tune into a podcast or the radio. Simply take time to listen and notice the silence around you.
  3. Take more walks, not fast paced exercise walks, but instead slow walks where you take time to notice your surroundings. See what small things you can see as you walk that often go unnoticed. 
  4. At day’s end, take time to reflect on your day and practice gratitude.

Journal Reflection: Slow Down & Enjoy Life

Take a moment to reflect in your journal with the following prompt:

Have you been able to slow down this week?

  1. Yes.  What opportunities have you discovered or embraced?
  2. No.  What are some small ways that you can add moments of pause to your day?


If you are looking for a way to slow down and take a bit of time just for you, consider joining us for one of our upcoming events. We love to hear from you. Send us a message or leave a comment letting us know how you take time to slowdown and pause in your busy life!