About Your Facilitators



If you feel you can’t meditate, that you feel you are not creative, or if you feel you just cannot sit still long enough to take the time for yourself…WE WANT YOU!

Creating Mindfulness is about merging your innate creativity with a practice in mindfulness. We use a variety of techniques such as guided meditations, journaling, and creative play. For our purposes we consider meditation as anything we reflect on and art as anything we create. It is our belief that all humans are innately creative beings who derive energy, joy, and peace from the creative process.

Dorothy Verbick

Dorothy is in her 8th year teaching and is currently an art teacher at Gibbs Middle School. She earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a Masters in art education from The University of Tennessee. In 2011 she was introduced to Transcendental Meditation and since then has come to believe that art and meditation truly can heal. She has started to develop mindfulness art classes with her students but hopes to share these beautiful techniques outside her classroom.

Jennifer MacIsaac

Jennifer is a Montessori educator and art teacher at Garden Montessori School. She has a background in art and human sciences, and a passion for helping people discover their own inner creativity. She has spent the past five years teaching art to both children and adults in various capacities. She is a believer in the innate creativity within every human being and loves to facilitate process-based art experiences, which help people to foster that creativity from within.