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“I took a leap of faith and decided to attend my first women’s retreat in May 2019 with Creating Mindfulness, thank you Google! I am grateful to be a part of this amazing circle of women. Dorothy and Jen pour their hearts and souls into this great cause by providing a safe playful space for all women, provide the tools to learn how to love yourself, and help you tap into your own creativity. I leave each event feeling inspired, refueled, creative, and loved. If you want to give yourself the best gift of all, join this circle and put yourself first!”

Meagan A Cowles

Have you been feeling disconnected? Do you find yourself giving so much to others that you feel like there isn’t much left over for yourself? Have you spent so much time pushing your own dreams and ideas aside to make room for someone else’s? If you can answer YES to any of these questions, than this Sereni ME Women’s retreat is for you!

Sereni ME Women’s Retreat is all about YOU! Throughout this amazing weekend, we will guide you back to a deeper connection with yourself. We invite you to Connect, Reflect, and Create with a group of amazing like-minded women. We will guide you through gentle, fun, and creative exercises that will help you reconnect with yourself! We will also provide you with tips and tools that you can take home with you to continue your journey of self-discovery. As women, we give so much of ourselves away. It is time to reclaim what is yours!


Imagine yourself relaxing, surrounded by nature, and breathing in the crisp autumn air of the Cumberland Plateau. Bandy Creek is located in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. The area boasts stunning vistas, pristine streams, and a wide variety of scenic nature trails.  

Sereni ME is designed to give back to you! You are always giving so much of yourself to others, in all that you do. Take this time to recharge and reconnect with that part of yourself that often gets neglected.

Allow us to treat you to a weekend dedicated to nurturing you, mind, body, and soul.

You will leave this retreat feeling loved and cared for. You will connect with yourself and other likeminded women in deep and meaningful ways that often feels so hard in everyday life.

You will be given tips and tools to carry this new energized feeling back with you as you reemerge in your everyday life, refreshed.


Throughout this weekend you will be guided through gentle, personal reflections, designed to help you form a deeper connection to your inner self.


  • Guided Meditations will invite you to shed the outside world and to come into the present moment.


  • Introspective Journal Prompts will guide you through processing your own thoughts and feelings about where you are in this moment of time.


  • Facilitated sacred circle discussions will allow you to both share and be heard where you currently are, as well as hold space for others in a meaningful way. *Please note that no one is expected to share, it is honored as a personal choice. 


Intuitive creative exploration will help you get in touch with your inner creative spirit which often lies dormant with in each of us. 

We know that many people do not consider themselves to be “creative.” It is our belief; however, that all humans are creative beings and that the process of creating can be very cathartic and helpful in processing emotions. We want to help encourage you to create the life you want to live.

Throughout this weekend you will be led through simple techniques that will allow you to create intuitively. We will supply you with the tools and materials needed to “play” with your own inner creative spirit. 

You will also be guided through a very special creative workshop which will provide you with a lovely handcrafted memory to take home with you. 

*Please do not worry if you do not consider yourself to be an “artist” or “creative” there will be all levels of experience and all activities are designed to meet you exactly where you are!

We have been hosting rejuvenating women’s retreats since 2017! Our retreats are designed to nourish you body and soul. Each retreat includes a weekend filled with gentle guided movement, meditation, reflection, sacred circle discussions, intuitive art, and lovingly prepared meals that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Check out these photos from past retreats:

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